About our trainings


We are doing traditional Ninjutsu, and we teach the kind of principles of Ninjutsu that stand within the written Laws of Hungary and of the European Union. We travel often and train in Japan with Dr. Hatsumi and many other Japanese Shihans. We also attend regularly on other instructors’s seminar in Hungary and abroad. We invite many times different teachers to our seminars.

We don’t have forms (kata), or previously figured out choreographies. We have principles, and we base our techniques on these principles. If you learn one technique, you know one technique. If you learn one principle, you know 100 techniques. Of course we have basic stances, hand positions, and basic techniques which teach you the angles and distances and which Ninjutsu’s movement culture is based on. This is the traditional part of our trainings.

We also have a program called "Street Smart". This is a very realistic and practicle training class designed to teach you what the REAL world is and how to deal with it. We have added more to this training to get the best from everything, including traditional American Iroquois Indian Warfare, Survival Camps, Handgun and Rifle training.

Our trainings include self defence/situation practices, strenght-streching, beginner and advanced excersises, mental training (talks and brain-rackers), breathing excersies, meditation, dojo and outside trainings, seminars and camps in Hungary and abroad. It depends on the teacher and on the theme, how much and what we are working on, but there won’t be much difference.